Beach Trap

by Elliott Niezel



#BeachTrap is the culmination of styles. The meeting point where two people combine minds to create a sound different from anything you’d normally hear from a west coast artist/producer combo. It consist of art trap and part groove hop.

Beach Trap can be defined as lyrical trap music. It has hard hitting beats and real down to earth lyrical content. Street Poetry. Its mellow but edgy. Simple but intricate. It embodies the lifestyle of Elliott Niezel and gives you a sneak peak at whats to come with his music. Beach Trap is a style, a uniquely catered taste pallet in which the listener can become absorbed in West Coast Wisdom and in turn be transported to Santa Barbara fully there, if not for a few minutes without actually being there.

The EP was created shortly after I approached producer Black Osiris about doing some records together in June this year. I liked his style, he liked mine. We marinated. Then shortly after #beachtrap came together rather quick and from the point of conception to the end result was around 2 months. Written, recorded, mixed, mastered and all. Finished product. As always I passed it over to my engineer RawHouseBeats in Germany and he did that german engineering to bring it to fruition. I decided to hit Urban-Nique up and see if she would be interested in hosting the project which she so kindly accepted. It then became the official A3C Festival EP and hard copies will be given away during the festival as well as flyers. Thought it only fitting to put it together like that since Urban-Nique is based in ATL along with the A3C Festival. We could conned in person and promote each others work. Blessed. -Elliott Niezel


released October 9, 2014

Beats - Black Osiris
Rhymes - Elliott Niezel
Mixing and Mastering - RawhouseBeats
Host - Urban Nique



all rights reserved


Elliott Niezel Santa Barbara, California

the most prolific artist since Van Gogh

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